New creative writing workshop for the Roald Dahl Centenary

Revolting Villains:  Create your own story-villain

Every good story needs a villain. Roald Dahl was a master at creating the most revolting, scary and yet funny villains.

In this creative writing workshop we will take a closer look at some of Dahl's fantastic villains and figure out what makes them so memorable. We will then create our own revolting story-villain and write a story for him or her. Will our villains succeed in their evil plans? Or will they be stopped in the most embarrassing and horrible way? It is up to you!

(90min, 7-12 year-olds)

Mindboggling, Marvellous and Mad!

Inventors and their Stories -Workshop

Have you ever heard of balloon-shoes? Or a bike that you can cycle on land and water?

Dan Brody the donkey-puppet and Simone and Michael from StoryGate will tell stories of marvellous inventions and dangerous experiments.
After that the children design their own mad inventions with cardboard and paper. (90min, 7-12)

Beyond the Rainbow - Create your own Myths!

Filled with mystical creatures like stone trolls, unicorns, Thor's hammer and dragons, this story-creating workshop encourages children to create their own stories. After listening to a traditional tale the children pick up the pen and unleash their imagination in a story-creating workshop where everything is possible. Dare to imagine! (90min, 7+)

Find Your Voice

Storytelling Workshop for Children and Teenagers

This one-day storytelling course aims to empower children and young adults to speak up for themselves.

Storytelling is a skill that can give you confidence in your own voice and your abilities to communicate with others.

We will learn what makes a story strong and how it can be told in a captivating way. (9+)