Vinny & Co

Our StoryGate-Family includes a collection of naughty, yet charming puppets.

Vinny the handsome Vulture

Vinny will charm his way into everyone's heart. One day he turned up on the doorstep of StoryGate and now the TV and 

all the sweets belong to him. He loves watching cartoons and he loves stories, preferably about a handsome vulture. If you are lucky, he'll accompany us on one of our storytelling sessions and he'll tell you how he saved the world (again).

Dan Brody the Story-Donkey

Dan is a bit stubborn and used to getting things his own way. He is a great inventor (or so he thinks) and doesn't like doing what he is told.  He does have a good heart, though, and be can be good, if he wants to be!

Peanuts the Parrot

Peanuts is very lazy. He likes nothing more than to eat peanuts (hence his name) and he often falls asleep during our sessions. The best way to wake him up is to tickle him!