In A Land Far, Far Away . . .


Storytelling evenings for adults

Full of humor and wisdom our stories will open the gate so you can slip into another world for 90min.

With love stories, wisdom tales and crime stories we have a story for everyone.

Former performances include (among others) telling at the Cape Clear Island International Storytelling Festival, at the Storytelling Days (Erzähltage) in Munich and regular performances with the international storytelling ensemble Story-O in Dublin.

Here a selection of our evening programs:

Wisdom in a Jar: Irish-German Love Stories

Fools and wise kings, broken hearts and true love - there are many stories in both Ireland and Germany that, though very different, deal with love. Simone Schuemmelfeder from Germany and her husband Michael Phelan from Ireland bridge the gap between two cultures when they tell the stories close to their heart.

The Story of being Different

Hear about the wisdom of working men and of teachers who actually make a difference when Michael Phelan and Simone Schuemmelfeder explore with their stories what it means to be different. First performed with great success in colaboration with playwright Paul Rooney's debut play "Trading Differences".

Tandem-Tale-Telling Twins

You are in for a treat when storytelling twins Silke and Simone Schuemmelfeder spin their yarn. With hearty tales of mistakes and misfortunes, witty twists and German humour (yes, there is such a thing as German humour . . .) the sisters promise an evening of storytelling that you won't forget.

A Three-Pipe-Problem -

Sherlock Holmes Stories

The pipe, the hat, the hound of the Baskervilles - Sherlock Holmes is probably the world's most famous detective even over a hundred years after the first story was published.

How clever was he really, though?

German storyteller Simone Schuemmelfeder, who admits to being a great Sherlock-Holmes-Fan, has put together her favourite stories of the detective for this show. Spiced with rumours and true stories from Conan Doyle's life, this evening program is mysterious, scary and heart-warming at the same time.

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