Storytelling Workshops

Tell me a Story -

Introduction to storytelling in five steps

Everybody is a storyteller. Whether you need it in your job, to tell to your own children or grandchildren, or because you want to learn how to speak up for yourself, this workshop will offer you a way into storytelling.

Join Simone when she explains storytelling techinques in five clear and easy to remember steps. We will look at the efficient use of body-language, mimik and gestures in a story as well as voice modulation and stage presence. And, of course, which stories to tell and how to remember them!

Bridging the Gap -

Storytelling in Second-Language Teaching

Do you want to do something different in your language-classroom? Storytelling can be used in many ways to bridge the gap between two languages, two cultures.

In this storytelling course for teachers Simone combines her knowledge as a trained second-language teacher with her experience as a storyteller.

With hands-on and ready-to-use activities she highlights how to use storytelling in the classroom and helps teachers to develop their own storytelling skills.

First given with great success in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Ireland for teachers of German as a foreign language.