Cape Clear International Storytelling Festival

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Every year there is storytelling magic happening on the southern most island of Ireland, Cape Clear Island. The first weekend in September is firmly marked in our calendar.

This year, like 2020, the festival took place online. While last year’s performers captured their stories on video for their story-hungry listeners, this year the festival was as live as it could be with a weekend of zoom sessions and a youtube premier concert. Simone and Michael were delighted to be part of this year’s festival. Simone told together with the other MCs Jack Lynch, Pat Speight, Diarmuid O’Driscol and Paddy O’Brien at Thursday night’s session “Meet the MCs: A Parcel of Rouges”. She also was the MC of the wonderful children’s session on Saturday afternoon with Kate Corkery, Jack Lynch and Paddy O’Brien. They were joined by Michael and his naughty puppets, especially Vinny the Vulture and Doggie who tried to steal the lime light on more than one occasion with their pranks and dubious presents for the tellers!

We’re looking forward to next year’s festival already. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to meet on the magical island of Cape Clear again.

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