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Michael Phelan

Michael grew up in Dublin surrounded by the stories his family had to tell.

He is a self-employed carpenter and how he found his way into storytelling is a story worth telling in itself.

Storytelling wasn’t the first performative art that Michael got interested in. He worked as a Hospital Clown with the Red Cross before he ever thought of becoming a storyteller.

In the late 90’s he joined some of his clowning colleagues on a trip to the small island Cape Clear on the South Coast of Ireland.

Here the annual Cape Clear Island Storytelling Festival took place with featured tellers from all around the world.

While the tellers enchanted their audience with tales of magic and wonder, a storm was brewing over the sea. The weather conditions got worse, and at the end of the three-days-festival both tellers and audience were trapped on the small island as no ferries could cross the sea in the raging storm.

This was when Michael discovered the real power and wonder of storytelling. Trapped for days with food running out and waiting for the forces of nature to calm down, he says that it were the stories they shared that kept them going.

Michael picked up on storytelling after this experience and has performed on many stages since then. He is also an active member of the Dublin based group of storytellers called Story-O that brings tales from all around the world to Ireland’s capital.

Michael tells stories because he enjoys bringing people on a journey into another reality. Stories for him are a life-force all on their own and can, in ways we do not know, shape peoples’ destinies.

He likes to tell stories with a bit of fun in them. Stories that have a twist and turn in them that capture and evoke you. Above all he enjoys telling you a story that speaks to you.

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Michael Phelan

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