Silke Schuemmelfeder – Book Launch

We are delighted to share the good news that our StoryGate team member Silke Schuemmelfeder has launched her debut novel in Germany: Die S-Bahnspielerin

Published by Kid Verlag , Silke’s debut tells the refreshingly unorthodox love story of a young woman, Nina, moving to Berlin to leave her past behind, only to be drawn into the circle of the quirky, charming, yet dangerous S-Bahnspieler – Tram performers who tempt fate by playing hidden theatre in the many trams of Germany’s capital. Their aim? To shock, to charm, to shine a light on the many injustices so easily ignored in our daily lives, all the while never revealing that everything was just an act. Nina joins their team, discovering unknown talents and a thrill for danger. With ever rising stakes, the line between reality and show starts to blur for her. Only when her past catches up with her does she ask herself – how far can you go with this game? Can a bit of theatre really solve everything?

With vivid characters and surprises at every turn, this book will win your heart! (And will make you question anything you see the next time you use public transport!)

Silke Schuemmelfeder

Die S-Bahnspielerin – Ein Berlinroman

Available at all book stores in Germany and online (currently only in German).

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