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Silke Schümmelfeder Storyteller

Silke Schümmelfeder

Silke is Simone’s twin sister and has founded the Storytelling Theater Schuemmelfeder in 2006. She studied education and mediation and works in Bonn for the organization Youth Farm that specializes in helping children from a disadvantaged background. The first time she came across storytelling was during a workshop about nature and education. It only took one story to make her fall for the art of storytelling. She studied the techniques of storytelling herself and had her first performances before joining the Academy of Storytelling in Munich in 2006 and enrolling for a year’s course in storytelling there. Since then she performed at festivals, in schools, museums and nursery homes and gave various workshops about storytelling. Apart from using her storytelling skills on stage, she also tells stories to the children she works with and combines her work and stories. Silke likes to tell stories that reach out, challenge and surprise you.

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Silke Schümmelfeder Storyteller

Silke Schuemmelfeder

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