Who’s in your book?

StoryGate was delighted to be asked by the Goethe-Institut Dublin to work with them on a project about diversity in children’s books.

“Who’s In Your Book” was a workshop held during Culture Night 2021 at the Goethe-Institut where Simone introduced her listeners to children’s books with divers characters and topics. The books introduced, discussed and recommended that night were “Break the Mould” by Sinéad Burke, “Julian is a Mermaid” by Jessica Love, “Only A Tree Knows How To Be A Tree” by Mary Murphy and “Samus Ganzer Stolz” (Samu’s Pride And Joy) by Jaqueline and Daniel Kauer. Later on the children wrote their own stories.

The project also included a video made by StoryGate where Simone introduces the wonderful Swiss picture book “Samus Ganzer Stolz” about a young hedgehog who looses all his spikes, a book written for and about children with Alopecia areata universalis (circular hair loss affecting the whole body). We especially want to thank the authors Jaqueline and Daniel Kauer of KaelaBook for their generous support in creating this video and their kind permission to use Samu’s story for our project.

The video is online on the Goethe-Institut youtube channel and can be viewed on our Media page. The event was part of the Goethe-Institut project DRIN – Visions For Children’s Books

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