World Storytelling Championship – India

Simone and Michael were delighted to have been invited as Master Storytellers to the World Storytelling Championship event “Tales from the Blue Mountains”. On Sunday, 13th of March, at 5.30am Irish Time the tellers of StoryGate performed via zoom for over 120 children, their parents, grandparents and teachers in India. They brought with them stories from Ireland and Germany, their trusty doggie-puppet and the new addition to the StoryGate family: Charlie Cupán, the talking tea cup.

It was a wonderful experience. The audience was so engaged with the stories that the short session turned into a much longer one when the children wanted to share their stories too. The World Storytelling Championship is organized by Acenovation in India, who believe in nurturing children through stories so that a new generation grows up who is able to make a difference to the world. The finale to their championship, where children are invited to upload a 2min story video, will be held in May 2022.

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